• Nov. 2012 - World Vegan Day and more

Nov. 2012 - World Vegan Day, our animal-free circus vision, and more

2012 was quite a productive year for us. It feels like we are on the verge of expansion. Here are some of the things we’ve done this year:

  • In a course of a few months we’ve conducted protests in several cities around Lithuania together with some independent activists against local and visiting animal circuses. 
  • We have celebrated World Vegan Day with events in two major cities, Vilnius and Kaunas, with activities like a vegan cooking lesson, lectures on vegan lifestyle (reasons, facts, goals) and on animal rights philosophy, review of the films "Earthlings" and "Making the Connection", open discussion board and promotion and tasting of (new) vegan products, etc.
  • We have also translated a Vegan Society film, ”Making the connection”, which will soon be available with Lithuanian subtitles on our Vimeo channel. It was already shown to the public during World Vegan Day in Vilnius. Another big job done recently was the translation of a Gary Yourofsky’s lengthy lecture, also known as “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear”. This too will soon be available with Lithuanian subtitles on our Vimeo channel, which, at the moment, only has a short film made by Animal Aid, “Their future in their hands” (with Lithuanian subtitles).
  • We have been working hard to get former and new volunteers to work together. For this purpose we are now intensifying the frequency of our volunteer meetings in Vilnius and Kaunas. We hope that these meetings will not only become regular but also productive, as well as inspiring for all of our hard-working volunteers! 

(You can see pictures from most of these events here.)