Dec. 2010 - Our activities for the last two years

Although we haven’t been updating our news on the English version of the site so actively for the past two years, we haven’t been on hiatus either. Here’s what we’ve done lately:

  • A film, "Their future in your hands", is a brief introduction to animal rights and it became the first film which we have given Lithuanian subtitles. (See film on our Vimeo channel.) A big thanks to the British animal rights organization, Animal Aid, for the permission to use it!
  • We now have one more leaflet! This time we made a Lithuanian version of professor Gary Francione´s leaflet on the abolitionist approach to animal rights. The leaflet can be found both in our "Participate!" section and on Francione´s page.
  • We´ve organized a competition for the best animal rights postcards, in which 12 winning illustrations got published. Each month we had a special theme (January - fur, February - wool, March - pets, April - eggs, May - milk, June - meat, July - dolphinariums, August - zoos, September - circuses with animals, October - animal experiments, November - hunting, December - animals in sports), and people could send us their illustrations. Anyone could vote for the best illustration on our website. When the winners of each month were chosen, we published 1000 copies of these postcards, which we soon after started distributing in public places in Vilnius and Kaunas. Of course, we are planning to use these fantastic illustrations again and publish more of these postcards in the future! You can see the postcards here (together with other candidates which haven’t been published).
  • We visited several local music festivals with our information stall. Our leaflets, badges, postcards, T-shirts and other free or for-donation merchandise was distributed at the Tundra, Gaia Gathering and Tamsta Music festivals.
  • We’ve conducted several public lectures on separate occasions, mostly in Kaunas: 1. “Plant nutrition (theory and practice"), 2. “The war against the wild” by our fellow naturalist Andrejus Gaidamavičius, 3. “Raw food”, 4. “The effects of dietary habits on the environment”. We have also organized a review of the film “Earthlings”, followed by an open discussion board.
    We’ve participated in a World Vegetarian Day celebration in Vilnius. Together with other veggie-friendly organizations and businesses, we promoted vegetarian and vegan diets on one of the main squares of the city centre of Vilnius.