• Sept. 4, 2008 - Lectures on Animal Rights

Sept. 4, 2008 - Lectures on Animal Rights

From now on ANIMAL RIGHTS LITHUANIA is available to conduct information sessions tailored to the individual needs of schools, universities and other organizations.


Main topics:

  1. Contemporary treatment of animals (use for entertainment, clothing, food)
  2. Philosophy of animal rights (main notions, frequently asked questions)
  3. Vegan lifestyle, plant-based nutrition
  4. The effects of our eating habits on the environment


Duration: optional
Form: presentations, discussions; videos and games are some of the options
Equipment: one video projector per classroom/lecture is required


The duration and form of our lectures can vary according to the audience. Our main aim is to raise a discussion, answer questions on-the-spot and educate both ourselves and the audience.



For more info contact [email protected]