• Oct. 2, 2008 - Only Once a Year?

Oct. 2, 2008 - Do Animals Matter to Us Only Once a Year?

World Animal Day - on the 4th October - has become a tradition in Lithuania. As the date draws close, people are encouraged to consider the painful lives many animals lead and change our attitudes towards these fellow inhabitants of our Earth.

In Lithuania alone 12 million animals are slaughtered for food each year (out of 52 billion worldwide), 162,000 animals are killed for their furs, and 83,000 are hunted down. Even the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service recognises this problem and encourages refraining from slaughtering animals on the 4th of October.

ANIMAL RIGHTS LITHUANIA would like to remind people that every one of us has a chance to reduce animal abuse by refusing to buy unnecessary animal-products ranging from furs to everyday foods (see our article in Lithuanian press).